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Scientific journal covers feature the latest results from EMBARC research 

NEW LOCATION ! Our clinical research center is now at

Steven Spielberg Building, Suite 200, left of the 2nd floor registration kiosks

Hours of operation remain: Monday to Thursday (7:30a - 4:00p) & Friday, (7:30a - 12:00p)

As we transition from pandemic to endemic, our goal is to understand how individuals and communities can recover, regain, and retain health over the long term. You can help us generate new knowledge for building individual and population level health resilience that will endure well into the future.

You can click here to read about our research discoveries. We are now working to understand how individuals can gain and sustain immunity over time. If you have experienced a new or repeated infection or received a recent vaccination, we invite you to schedule your study blood draw visits for measuring antibody levels. If you are not yet a study participant, you can join by clicking below:


*** Study participation is open to children 5 years of age and older. We welcome all family members who are also registered as patients or employees at Cedars-Sinai. ***

Enrollment is still open and the number of participants joined so far is:

  12 , 9 1 9  

updated 7/19/2024

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