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We invite all Cedars Sinai employees and patients to join this study. If you are already enrolled in our CORALE platform study, joining this expansion study will offer options for more frequent antibody level measures and other immune measures over a longer follow-up period.

*** Study participation is open to children 5 years of age and older. We welcome all family members who are also registered as patients or employees at Cedars-Sinai. ***

We are conducting this study to understand how factors that trigger immune and inflammatory reactions, such as infections and vaccines, can interact with a person’s pre-existing health status to impact health outcomes over time. The knowledge gained from our research will help to direct public health efforts aimed at improving long-term individual and population health.

Participating in this study involves completing periodic surveys and contributing a blood sample at least once a year. Many participants will be invited to contribute samples more frequently. 


One option offered to participants will be repeated COVID-19 antibody testing that will be performed to track how the immune system responds to exposure, infection, or vaccines over time. Antibody test results will be returned to participants as part of the study.


For any questions, you may reach us at

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